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Device Not Working?

We Can Help!

Have you taken your MacBook, PC Laptop, Tablet, or Game Console to another shop only to be told it cannot be fixed or the service is too expensive? Let us look at it before you lose hope!!

We offer FREE ESTIMATES and reasonable pricing!

Logic Board Repair

Been told you need to replace your logic board or buy a new computer, tablet, or game console? Send or bring it to us for a FREE Estimate.

Liquid Damage

Accidentally spilled something in your device...we can help!

Keyboard & Trackpad Replacement

Keys sticking or trackpad not working correctly? We can replace them for you. 

Battery Not Charging?

Does your device not function without the power cord? We can check the battery and get you a new one if necessary.

No Image on Screen?

Hear your device turning on but nothing on the screen? Not all is lost, it could be a simple fix!

No Power?

Not getting any action from your device? We will get down to business and find the root cause.

2015 13" MacBook Air Drawing 10mA

In this video I attempt to repair a poor MacBook Air that wasn't powering on and had no green light on the charger. 

Mail-In Repairs

Not located in the Canton, Michigan area? No problem! 

We offer mail-in repair service and FREE Estimates.

Check Us Out On YouTube

See how we troubleshoot and fix various devices. Click below to visit our YouTube channel 

and hit subscribe to stay up to date on our latest videos.​

Already submitted a ticket? Check the status of your repair below:

Contact Information

Optimize Logic Repair

Phone: 734-369-1274


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